Wednesday, September 7, 2011

R is a cool sound editor!

Capabilities of R are definitely unless! After my previous posts about some easy image editing in R (they are here, and here), now is the time to explore if R is capable of sound editing!

Just for fun, here I created a function that receives a phone number (or another sequence of numbers), and returns the equivalent melody you can listen if you press that sequence on your house' phone... =D

It requires the sound library, and here's the code.

Now you can simply create your phone melody =)

s2 <- PlayTel("556c885a4623#")

You can listen to it with the command:


(NOTE: in Windows 7 I was unable to find a wave player that works on batch mode - i.e. mplay32.exe. So this command doesn't work on Windows 7. It works on Windows XP)

You can save the output using the command:

saveSample(s2, "tel.wav")

(This command works on Windows 7)

Here is an example of the output:

Have fun!! =)

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